Tuesday, September 1, 2009

guide in choosing the best web hosting service

I got envy with my blogger friends who already have self hosted blogs at Wordpress. It's been a long time since I've started blogging here at Blogger and I think maybe it is the best time for me to get my own self hosted blog too. I have tried to search for the best web hosting companies for 2009 and I got so lucky I stumbled upon WPdesigner.com that listed down the top rated web hosting sites based on Price, Server Up-Time, Reliability, Ease-of-Use, Control Panel and Customer Support. If you are just like me who would like to transfer their Blogspot blog to a self hosted Wordpress blog then take a look at this top 10 web hosting companies to help you decide which web hosting provider will suit best in your hosting needs. If you need unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, no setup fees with 99.99% up time guarantee with money back guarantee and affordable packages then choose Bluehost. :) By looking on that list, Just Host webhosting is the only web hosting company that promises to return your money anytime that you want if you are not satisfied with their service but most of my friends are already in Bluehost and they say that they have not experience any down time since the first time that they subscribed to it. Maybe that's enough basis for me. :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Watch Brian Viloria vs Jesus Iribe video

To those who failed to watch the Brian Viloria vs Jesus Iribe fight, then come back here as we will update this post for the Brian Viloria vs Jesus Iribe video in a few moments.

Brian Viloria wins but failed to get knockout that he was hoping for. The Hawaiian punch Brian Viloria earned a 12-round by a unanimous decision over Jesus Iribe to retain the IBF light flyweight championship on Saturday night.

The scorecards were 118-110, 117-112, 117-111 in favor of 108-pound Viloria (26-2), who made his first defense since stopping Mexico's Ulises Solis to win the belt on April 19.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Updates for 1000 Entrecard credits

I became too busy in the past few days that I didn't have much time to promote my Entrecard contest. I've promised to give 1000 entrecard credit to all who will join this contest but it seems like only few got the chance to participate. LOL actually I think only 1 person linked me up LOL I haven't really checked their post yet but later when I get back home I will send 500 credit to this lucky person who linked me up! So please wait for me okay? I will send you the credit as soon as I get back home.... Have a nice day everyone!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Win 1000 Free Entrecard Credits

Get 1000 Entrecard credits!


If you are interested to win 1000 Free Entrecard credits then just do the following requirements:



I will update this post regularly so be sure to subscribe in my feeds to keep you always updated. :) I will be posting the names of the qualified Bloggers that can join in this Entrecard contest. Each blogger will be given an assigned number and the winners will be selected using Random.org's Random Sequence Generator.


If you have more than one blog then this is a plus factor! Just make another post about this contest but be sure that your entry is not a duplicate one ok? The more blogs you've got, the better!


Winners will be announced on Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 8pm. (GMT+8)


***If you want more credits just visit my other blog at Letters From The Soul and read this entry "Wanted: Guest Blogger"

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Increase Blog Traffic Through Backlinks

With so many millions of blogs out there, it's crucial to have a lot of reasons and ways to visit yours. There are gimmicks and products for sale that promise huge increases in traffic but these are not always trustworthy. For example, most involve redirects and junk blogs that might link your blog but that also leave the visitor feeling frustrated after arriving.

I'm no SEO expert, but I have been blogging for going on two years and I have been a serious student of SEO and traffic as far as my site is concerned. My stats are getting more impressive daily as I use strategies I've learned from trial and error and personal usage. When it comes to increasing traffic, I have found the single most important tactic to be backlinks.

Backlinks are, simply put, your URL on other blogs and sites. Backlinks take readers to your site. Whether they stay there depends on your content. But whether they like your content or not, they will not visit your site unless they can click there. I would estimate that of all my regular readers, only one or two percent of them came to my site directly (ie; by typing in my URL). The majority have come in from backlinks which I have tested and measured through analytics. More backlinks means more visitors and more visitors means more ad interest ... which we all know means: more pay for you!

So how can you increase you backlinks? There are many ways. One extremely helpful source is through this free pdf from Michelle MacPherson:


I have learned and used many of her suggestions after I read that pdf. I highly recommend it and there is no charge for it.

Beyond that, there are a few ways I might accent. They are:

  1. Guest posting when possible: In spreading your knowledge and entertainment value to your peer blogs, you are helping them with content and yourself through a backlink.
  2. Updating your signature with your URL in your email and all your social networks. In doing this you show your "path" everytime someone reads something you email or post on a social network. It's easy to let these get out of date, so check them frequently.

and last:

  1. Develop anchor text in your other sites that points to your blog. Use this anchor text when guest blogging or when creating your "taglines" on social media. Michelle explains a lot more about anchor text. Look into it when you have some time. It has brought me much traffic.

In conclusion, backlinks really are the "backbone" of a successful blog. They make you attractive to advertisers and they showcase your content. the number one thing is always content, but I would say a close second to that is always going to be: backlinks.

Guest Post Author: Damien Riley

Guest Post Blog: Postcards from the Funny Farm